REVELATION VAPE CO Replacement Coils

REVELATION VAPE CO Replacement Coils

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War - Alien Clapton (Classic)
The "Classic" Alien. The pinnacle of flavor for dessert lovers. 
War is 3 core 26ga alien tightly fused with a 38ga alien core.
If battery life and power is of no concern and you love creamy desserty flavors, War is for you.
Alternatively War is perfect for single coil fans. With a large surface area and good heat output. 
War as a single coil is a perfect all rounder. 

Pre Fire Wattage and Resistance : 40w - 0.06-08 Ω (Dual) 
Post Fire Resistance : 0.11-0.13 (Dual)
Vaping wattage : 85w - 130w (Dual)

Pre Fire Wattage and Resistance : 25w - 0.12-14 Ω (Single) 
Post Fire Resistance : 0.22 -0.25 (Single)
Vaping wattage : 40w - 75w (Single) 
Fury - Fused Clapton
Unleash the Fury within your juice with our fused clapton.
A dual 26ga core clapton, fused with tight 38ga precision.
A well balanced all rounder with a wide temperature range.
Perfect for RTA's and smaller build decks  
Pre Fire Wattage and Resistance : 40w - 0.15 Ω
Post Fire Resistance : 0.18-0.21
Vaping wattage : 55w - 80w 
Conquer - Alien PWM 
The ultimate balance of performance and consumption. 
Purposely built for PWM devices like HexOhms and Noisy Cricket 25's. 
You no longer need to fear burning diodes or misfires.
Conquer offers the performance of an Alien. Same juicy flavor but with less heat and better battery life.
Conquer truly is THE ultimate alien. Perfect in everything.

Pre Fire Wattage and Resistance : 40w - 0.11-13 Ω
Post Fire Resistance : 0.18-0.2 (Dual)
Vaping wattage : 75w - 115w (Dual)