Molicel P45B 21700 4500MAH 45A Battery

Molicel P45B 21700 4500MAH 45A Battery

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The Molicel 21700 P45B 4500mAh 45A Battery is a powerful and reliable battery that packs a punch. With a high discharge current and exceptional cycle life, this battery is perfect for those looking for a long-lasting and high-performing option.

Designed for ultra-high power, this battery operates smoothly even in low temperatures down to -40°C. Its high thermal stability and low impedance ensure stable and efficient performance, while the fast charge capability allows for quick and convenient recharging.

Measuring approximately 21.55mm x 70.15mm (Max), this 21700-sized battery is compact yet powerful. It features a flat top positive terminal and a nominal voltage of 3.6V, with a maximum voltage of 4.2V and a discharge cut-off voltage of 2.5V.

This rechargeable battery weighs approximately 70g (Max) and is commonly known as the INR-21700-P45B.

It is important to note that lithium-ion batteries require careful handling, and users should have a good understanding of their characteristics and safety precautions before purchase. Always charge them in a fire-proof surface and never leave them unattended during charging.

Molicel Ultra-High Power Cell Series

  • High Discharge current
  • Exceptional cycle life
  • Low temperature operation down to -40°C
  • High thermal stability, high reliability
  • Very low impedance
  • Fast Charge