Joytech eGo AIO Replacement Coils

Joytech eGo AIO Replacement Coils

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BF Replacement Coil Head for Joyetech Cubis / eGo AIO

Joyetech Cubis, 3.5 ml Top-Filling tankThese BF (Bottom Feed) replacement coil heads are intended for the Joyetech Cubis clearomizer and Joyetech eGo AIO. They will also work with the Joyetech Cuboid Mini atomizer. Please note: Although the Joyetech AIO is compatible with all BF coils, we recommend using the 0.6 ohm BF SS316 replacement coil head with the AIO.
There are two kinds of coil heads available. One is a kanthal BF Clapton coil (1.5ohm), perfectly suited for mouth-to-lung vapers. Or, choose the stainless steel BF (SS316) coils (0.5ohm, 0.6 ohm and 1.0ohm), designed for lovers of direct-lung/sub ohm vaping. The use of stainless steel means that you can use these coils with both your regular variable wattage devices and temperature control mods with a SS316 option/mode (like the Joyetech Cuboid 150W). A great feature of these coils is that they do not require a lot of power to perform, which means your battery will last longer. Both kinds of coil heads yield excellent flavor and vapor production! 
Changing the coil is very easy, and just like when refilling with e-juice, you no longer have to remove the tank from your device when you need to change the coil. Grip the top cap, unscrew and pull out the top section. You will notice that the chimney and coil will come out as one solid unit, leaving behind just the "cup"-like tank and base. Unscrew the old coil from the bottom of the chimney, and screw in a fresh coil. Please note: Any time you use a new coil, please make sure to prime it. Simply drip 2-3 drops of e-liquid in the center of the coil head. After inserting back into the tank, always set the Cubis aside for a few minutes, so the cotton wicking inside the coil has a chance to completely saturate with e-liquid. This will ensure that the coil will not burn when you fire your device. If you experience any gurgling noises after doing this, do not be alarmed. Gurgling noises are normal and indicate the coil is a little over-saturated - as you use the coil, the liquid will get used up and the gurgling noises will go away. If gurgling persists, install the Cubis on your device and vape it a few times while holding your setup upside-down.    F Clapton - Kanthal wire -(8-20W range) - Use with Variable Wattage devices
  • BF SS316 - stainless steel SS316 wire - 1.0 ohm (10-25W range) - Use with Variable Wattage OR Temperature Control devices (in the appropriate SS316 mode)
  • BF SS316 - stainless steel SS316 wire - 0.5 ohm (15W-30W range) - Use with Variable Wattage OR Temperature Control devices (in the appropriate SS316 mode)


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