Dripmore Switch Disposable Pod Device

Dripmore Switch Disposable Pod Device

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DripMore Switch is a disposable pod system that enables you to switch between all of your favorite flavors with ease. These vapes are perfect for those of you who are on the go and don't want to have to worry about changing your coils or batteries. DripMore Switch Stick provides you with a wide variety of flavors so you will always have a new flavor to tickle your fancy and with each disposable pod being packed full of flavors you will never tire of them. The DripMore Switch Stick Disposable are sure to rock your socks off and have you trying every single one of them with just one puff.

5% Nic




DripMore Switch Stick Grape is the one for all you grape fanatics out there. This vape flavor takes the authentic taste of grapes and puts them into a disposable vape you can take with you anywhere you go. This vape is for sure to have you puffing on it until it's empty. 



DripMore Switch Stick Mango takes the taste of juicy mangoes and puts it into a disposable vape pod that you wont want to stop vaping on. This mango flavor is so accurate that you will feel like you have just taken a bite out of a succulent mango with every puff you take.



Lychee Ice by Switch Mods presents an awesome mixture of sweet tropical lychee and icy menthol that will blow your taste buds away with every inhale! Lychee Ice will keep you coming back for more of that satisfying flavor and will always curb your cravings!



A cool rush of crisp watermelon finished with an icy menthol hit, refreshing to the max!


Blue Razz

Blue Razz takes the taste of your favorite childhood candy and turns it into a disposable vape flavor that you won't want to put down.


Mint Stick




APROX. 300+ Puffs